Friday, November 26, 2010

Got to run!

Hello and blessings to my pink friends. I almost forgot about PS. I hope you enjoyed the Holiday. I did, the scale will tell the story next week, oh well... Just wanted to share some of the pink Christmas decorations around the house. I wanted to incorporate some pink back into my decor, last year's was all monochromatic. Hope you enjoy!

This year I decided to do tabletop trees only, 3 of them. This cream colored tree is a real vintage one and I think I got it about 6 years ago at GW. I have not seen another like it.

 Like so many of you I love  Bethany Lowe, Cody Foster houses and so much beautiful stuff handmade by artists, I can't afford those, I have to visit TJMAX and Marshalls and hope I find cute stuff.

                                                                  I love his face

 Please join our hostess , MS Beverly @ How sweet the sound for more Pink Saturday participants.Blessings to you all, Marta.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm so thankfull!

Not just today, always. I'm so thankful for Jesus and my Salvation. I'm so glad I have Him as my best friend and because of Him I can handle life. I'm thankful for all the blessings, more than I deserve, really. For my husband of 23 years and his  unconditional love. For the gift of my son. For my family and the fact that there are here with me after so many years without them. For my mom's 70 years. For my brothers and my nephews. For great, long lasting friendships, for my new friends and their love and support. For America and the blessing of living in this country. For the heroes, the civil servants, leaders, mentors, thank you so much. For forgiveness, for hope, for joy, for my faith. For my dog and our new home, for my husband's job and our health, for my job, for new days, for been here, now. Thank you God, I LOVE YOU...every day, every minute...I thank you.
                                 Have a blessed Thanksgiving day, love, Marta.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm sooooo tired!

I will be thanking God publicly on Thanksgiving with a post for that day but tonight all I can think about is how exhausted I am. Do you ever get so stressed out that you can't rest even you so wanted to? That is me lately. I got less than a week to make the open house happen and I'm not sure I can make it. The way I feel right know is like getting in a plane to a beach in Hawaii and forget about everything. I so loved what I do but this moving business and home deal have left me with no juice. Thank God that supports my spiritual side because I have so neglected my physical well being. I think that I have tried to do too much alone. I'm not good asking for help, I believe that if I see somebody in trouble and in need the asking is unnecessary, I can see. I have friends that have giving me a hand but everybody got so much going on in their own lives that I understand the limited help. I have tried to protect my husband by trying not to load his plate too much, he is the one paying the bills right now. 
I think that this move is going to be like giving birth. The labor pains are awful but when you hold that baby in your hands you know it was all worth it. Maybe I will be rested by the Holidays ( not Thanksgiving, I'm hosting) I know in my heart It is going to be all worth it. Let's talk about and look at pretty things, I need to, I want to.

                                         Love this two. Have to sell, come and get them.

                                        Old envelopes, some of them with the actual letters inside.
                                         This little doll is a consignment. I wish I can keep her.

                                           I keep adding stuff to the ice queen, I believe in layering.

                                                 I attached the metal piece to the moulding in order to disguise the supports for the bathroom ceiling .  I probably end up replacing with something else since I want this for my house.
                       Remember the bed with the pretty pink linen, there it is, not so pretty.

                                  I think I'm going to leave the wedding cabinet alone for now.

Are you ready for this? So you all know I'm not kidding, it is really bad.Room after room of a mess, I go in circles since I don't know where to start.

                           Some day (better be next week) this will be a pretty check out stand.

Last, can you say cute? Juju has grown. His hair is almost 2.5 inches long. He is fluffy and bad. He is still doing number 1 and 2 in my floors a lot. I don't know where I have gone wrong. I'm headed for obedience school when I get done with the mess at the shop. I didn't know you can love so much a dog, even when they are bad. The paper crown and the can are the road kill after Juju got done with them. He steal stuff, shoes, ornaments, everything he is not supposed to take he does. My poor husband went to Petsmart and got him some expensive toys. Do you think he cares? I don't blame him. Can you imagine bringing a 2 year old into an antique shop and letting him run around, too much sensory stuff.

Well, my friends, that is all for today, oops, it is the next day already, 1:40 CT. Maybe I feel better later today. Just need to focus and get it done. Blessings, Marta.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Some of the pink at the shop

I love pink, LOVE, LOVE. I changed my home decor to taupes and creams, you know, the same thing everybody is doing. I made sure I kept a pink room, I called it the princess room, the room I dream of having when I was a child and never could. I gave myself the room, in my adulthood, you see, is never too late. At the shop I saw a huge decline in my pink seeker costumers; because of that I have to resort to buy what sells. Now that I have my own building and financially I can be more relaxed I decided I should catered to myself first, have around me the stuff that inspire me and make me happy. Don't get my wrong, I love tea stained and lace everything, ecrus and whites mixed with browns and blacks for the french look, but pink...Enjoy it.

                                I decided since I love these bunnies so much I will bling them up, add some                    
                                 Christmas stuff and keep them around.

                                                          Just too cute to put away.

                                           This pincushion doll I bought in honor of my great grandmother,
                                           who came  from Spain.

                This pillow is the pillow with a history. Six years ago my mom move to Texas and lived with us for a year. Her way to stay busy was sewing a lot for me. The fabric in this pillow was discontinued and after I sold my last pillow I could not locate the remaining yardage. I love the print and I always regretted selling the last one. About 5 months ago I visited one of the local antique malls and to my surprise my mom's pillow was for sale, for 10 dollars more than I sold it for. You guess the rest, I bought my mom's pillow back.

                                                  This thing is  a mercury glass chandelier.

                                                                Old ornaments and garland.

                                                                Pink, green and red, me like it.
 I may not have the time to blog next week since we are down to the wire with the shop grand opening. If that is the case receive my wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks to Ms Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday for us.Blessings, Marta.