Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's adventures

This morning I venture out to a gathering of some fabulous dealers in Salado, Texas. The soiree was held at Janelle's of Salado. It was my first time visiting this shop and I was taken by the beautiful florals and antique pieces. I found out through an email from one of my favorite ladies in this world, Linda of Willow Nest. I was hoping to see her there but she was busy in Austin getting ready for the City Wide garage sale . Ludmill was there, very busy selling their beautiful wares. Most of the pictures are from Linda's and Ludmill's space. Enjoy...

                                        Inside Janelle's.

                                 Gatherings of Georgetown.  If you have never been to their store you are missing out on a great thing. Stephanie just came back from brocantes in France and brought some amazing pieces.

  This is all for today, Got to get some sleep since tomorrow the town of Lampasas is having their city wide and is a good one to attend. Wish me luck. Blessings to you all, Marta.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Look at this baby. Work in progress, I have to distress some more and glazed it. It got a granite top in taupe colors and a giant label that says made in France. Now the best thing, I pay 35.00 for it. It goes to show my husband to never assume. It was sticking out of a booth at the local flea market. The gentleman at the place didn't know how much the wife wanted for it and told me to come back later. As we were driving out I remember about it and my husband insisted we go on since he got the feeling it was going to be expensive. Well, you know the rest. I could not believe it, it is a solid piece, all I did was paint it.
I did some rearranging around the house since I have found so many new things @very reasonable prices. The two little urns with roses I got for 10.00 for both. The mirror with the harp cost me 26.00, the leather bound books were 3.00 each. They are from the 1800's and the writer is a
children book author named OUIDA. The glass thingy I got at TJMAXX for 15.00 because it was missing the back glass piece. The regular price was 45.00. The french girl inside is my third doll of the kind and I only pay 20.00. I paid 45.00 for my first one at a local mall.
Can you believe I only pay 4.00 for this mirror...score.

I keep adding more pearls to my dress form, she can wear them with more grace than me. The hat is my all time favorite hat.

                                              I collect little kids group pictures. They are hard to find.

                                    My collection of coral and shells keep growing. Love the stuff.
                                                                 Ouida books

                             I thought the little urns were new. They are french tole painted and they are really old...score again.

                                                  Can you guess how many mother of pearl buttons?
                                                                       Tha hat.

                              Foyer coming into the house and Juju sticking his head in my picture.

                                 Tweaking around the kitchen. I love the ladder with the vintage linen.
                                  I could not part with this dresser, it used to be in the family room but I decided to placed the french dresser there.  The doll house used to be hunter green and I painted it white. I knew it will be beautiful in white. I kept the shingles wood color. Cleaning the paint off the little windows was labor intensive. It fits perfectly a top the dresser.
                              My favorite couch in the house. I almost sold it once. Somebody put a stain on one side of the cushion and I decided to keep it rather than discounting the price, I'm glad I did. It is from the 1950's, french too.

           I changed my mantle again. I like the layering look. That is my other half doll.

     I think that I need to add an area rug to my tiled floors and window treatments (Long panels on each side only, I like the look of the wood shutters) What do you think?

Ok my friends, this is all for today. I'm linking to White Wednesday party @ Faded Charm. Blessings, Marta.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Awesome shops in Rogers, TX

For a couple of years now I will pass this shops in my way to the big show in Roundtop, TX. The Cottage and Veranda Bloom did not disappoint. The shops are owned and run by a very talented mom and daughter. The space next door to the Cottage belongs to them too and I was so fortunate to have a pick at it. I can see the potential, lots of architectural details and I believe this two ladies and their helpers can do magic. They also have a green thumb, the garden at Veranda Bloom is so beautiful and believe me pretty gardens in Central Texas are hard to maintain. The Cottage is a shabby chic store, which is so close to my personal taste. Veranda Bloom is just as gorgeous and if you like tuscan and french style you will love it. If you ever in this area pay this ladies a visit, you will be glad you did. 

                                                            Veranda Bloom