Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is wrong with me?

Ok, after doing some serious cleaning on Monday and Tuesday, spending all day painting yesterday, doing some rearranging in the shop, etc, etc, I find myself unable to sleep at night. This would be ok if I wasn't so exhausted. So, 2:00 AM I find myself in the craft room creating. I would say not a totally bad situation if it wasn't because of the fact that I went to sleep so late and I awoke at 6:00 this morning unable to sleep again. That makes it exactly 4 hours of sleep all together, yikes!. All is not lost, I''show you why.
 I found the little basket last week, loved the shape and new it will make a good vessel for a floral.

 Now, this is just a mock, nothing is glued, just and initial gathering of stuff, still tweaking. I will be making this kind of things for my Christmas @ the shops. They are large items and I'm really splurging on this. I have collected so much stuff, time to create with it. I hope my costumers will understand this will truly be one of the kind items. This is my soul, I was an artist and crafter before I became a shop owner and dealer. If I can only get more sleep...that is the reason why we creative people are all a little loony, hah,hah. Please don't take offense, I have just noticed we all have very interesting personalities.

I will post pictures of my finished cone whenever that happens. Blessings, Marta.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forever decorating.

          I spend today on my knees, for 2 hours, not praying, just cleaning. I shampooed my carpet in my husband's office and my masters with a little green machine. I think it is intended for upholstery cleaning, but sometimes you just have to make do. A Rainbow vacuum would have been nice, though.

                 I decided to go simple for fall in my kitchen table. Love the white creamish sunflowers. They look so real and they were cheap for the quality.

 I decided to redo my hallway and to keep it simple there too, just mirrors and empty frames in the same patina that I have collected for a while now.
    I like how my little bears are looking this days in a super shabby piece in the entryway.

 I just love the shabbiness of this piece and I'm glad I added the glass pulls to it.
 More shots of my entryway. I just bought the spinning wheel last week for 3.00. LOVE it.

        This is my formal living. You have seen it before, I just added the french baskets with dried hydrangeas and the awesome frames I found in Cleburne.
 My friends Mark and Laurie let me have a set of 4 shutters with the most awesome patina. I like the way they frame the door.

Ready to go visit with the White Wednesday girls. Blessings to you all, Marta.

Monday, October 17, 2011

This is the reason.

                                    In case you wonder where have I been I have an answer. HERE!
I have been dreaming of a working space for a while, just dreaming since I spend all my money last year building my retail shop and moving my home to a new place. So, the studio money went bye-bye. I organized a space in my shop (8x8) thinking that was going to sufficed...Ja! I could not even move. So I kept brainstorming. My husband suggested I turn my formal living into my studio since we never sit there. NO WAY!. So that was the end of it until two weeks ago. I have a guest room which we refer to as the "princess room". It looks like the room belonging to a little girl, all pink and girlie. It was full of massive furniture that made the space look so little. It is not a huge room but is an ok size 14x16. Well, I decided to give up my guest room/princess room. Nobody had stay there since we moved and i realized that is such a waste of space when I needed the square footage. So we took the furniture to the shop for sale and I kept the armoire that came with it for storage. In came a new secretary, a small sideboard and an awesome locker with 72 little drawers that my husband got for me. I have been moving, finding, sorting, labeling, organizing, going up and down a stool, etc, etc. It is not done since I have to interrupt my work for real life matters. I can't wait to get all done, I have been writing down projects, bookmarking, dreaming of sitting there and start creating. I better crank it up since I am planning a lot of pretties for Christmas. Let me leave you with some pictures of the mess, lots of pretties buried there though.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She is back!

        A long time since my last post, I know. Let's not interfere with life, and mine is a stove with every burner going at the same time. It is all good though. I have travel a little, to the big shows and some antiquing in Austin. Some of the pictures were meant to be post a month ago, today is finally the day. The shows were somehow disappointing. A lot of my fav dealers were MIA and I saw a lot of trash with huge tickets on it. What is up with that? I like rust and industrial, shabby and time worn, but trash is trash. I have the feeling curve picking was the source for some of the stuff. You can get a car grille with the rat nest included for the affordable price of 400.00. The buffet is only 300.00, the cucarachas eggs are free, compliment of the house. Yikes! There was some inspiration and we did have a good time, so I take that.
                                      Some ramdom shots of Cleburne, Antique Alley.

                                              Ramdom shots of Zapp Hall in Roundtop
                                         Booth of Diane and Roger from  Blends in Georgetown. Their space was      
                          exquisite, my camera run out of juice so this is the only picture I  took of their booth.

          Do you recognize the stuff? It belongs to the Queen, Ms Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques

                            These are shots of some of the vendors at The Texas Rose show.

  This vendor has a store and web business called Perfectly Flawed. Her stuff is amazing and so much my style. I spend a long time there.

 And last but not least a shout out to Ms Sharon Taylor from Sharon Taylor Made. My pictures don't do justice to this artist creations. I stay at her booth the longest and I do so admire her talent. Maybe I can be as creative when I grow up.

That is all folks. I'm a little bit frustrated because my pictures failed to capture all the beauty that was there, so my advice is to come on down one of this days, you won't regret it. Blessings, Marta.