Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just doing my thing.

First, I wanted to show you my friend's cute shop. Interior Decor is located in 6th st in Belton, right across from HEB. It is a much modern, tuscan, eclectic look but just recently they are starting to add a little bit of shabby to their store. They are also doing the BUY SELL TRADE and is working for them. I think that the trade part is going to caught up with many business since more and more people are getting very tight for cash. At their prompt I traded a 2 tier table and 2 mirrors for a china head doll I wanted and a little drop leaf table. We were both really happy with our items and both got what we wanted out of the trade. It was the first time I t tried it and I liked the concept.

 Then, my poor attempts at gardening. I started a shaded garden (it was 116 degrees in the parking lot yesterday) and I have to constantly water. Can you believe this is the first time I try to grow anything? I always killed everything and this is the first time in my life I'm at home so I decided to go for it. It is just that it is soooooo hot.
 The little topiaries tops I got at the store forever but nobody will buy so I put them to good use and I intent to keep them now.

 My mama grows this callediums from seeds. She got more shades all over her garden.
 This are kind of the hardy plants the lady at the nursery recommended. I was just grabbing stuff all over and she was honest and helpful enough to advice me not to on some of the plants. She said not that many plants will survived a long day of 100 degrees plus and said the best thing was to start a shaded garden and that will require a LOT of care too because of the heat and lack of rain. I think there will be no fireworks this year, all ban because of the drought. I guess we will do the barbecue and the famous Belton parade on the 4 of July.

Be blessed today, Marta.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work, work, work!

Thank God I really love and feel so passionately about what I do, if not...have you ever been tired of been tired? That is me lately, I seem to be unable to recharge. I get so exhausted and I think, maybe I sleep like a baby tonight, wishful thinking. How can you be exhausted and then can't sleep at night? I actually hurt a lot at night. I find this the hardest thing about getting older, your brain remains 20 and your body goes down the tubes. I also think that I need to learn to slow down, all my life I have only known one speed, which is speeding fast. It is so hard to teach an old dog new habits. Then again I might run into the wall of the reality that I'm not wonder woman . Well, enough blah, blah. I spend the day today at my booth Downtown and did some tweaking there. I love this mall, maybe too much. I always spend more than I should, but with the quality of vendors that is there you almost feel obligated to. Also the people in this town are nice, beyond nice, so I'm so proud of being a  Beltonian. 

             Not my pillows, I just wish. Much cheaper than any other place I have seen. I wish I have taken a picture of the vendor's job in a shopping cart.

             This is another vendor with a lot of beautiful things. It is a mother, daughter, husband trio.
Dan created the booth walls. Look at the beautiful job on the book pages decoupaged wall. I will love a room wallpapered like that at home.

This vendor have the coolest things, very unique stuff.
I want the picture of the little girl and lady so badly, it is a paycheck, so for know I get to dream.

I hate this, I'm unable to take pictures without the glare. The window turn out Ok, specially since I didn't have a  lot of Americana to display. Just not the best pictures.

If you ever in the area come and visit us. We are located in Central Ave. in Belton, Tx, right across from the historical Beltonian Theater. Tomorrow I will be featuring a great shop in Belton, with a new concept that is working. I'm ready to link to Ms. Kathleen @ Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Blessings, Marta.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy bee

  Yep, that is what I am. Still painting under the scorching heat. I went to the mall and refreshed the window for Independence Day. I thought it will be a shame not to display our colors especially since the 4th of July Parade ends in front of the store. I also was blessed with a bigger size booth inside the store. I wanted this really badly since my stuff in the window was not as accessible and I knew it was hurting my sales. Now I can use the window for advertising and concentrate in merchandising the heck out of the booth.
    My hard work last week was compensated. A lot of costumers stopped for the sale and we sold a lot of stuff. I will be taking pictures of the window and new booth on Friday. For now let me leave you with some pictures from the sale and new pictures of the living room after some rearranging.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be linking to Faded Charm for  Ms. Kathleen White Wednesday party. Blessings, Marta.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mama got a death wish!

Ok, who does this? Garage sale , gardening and painting, all under a 100 degrees? I know, crazy.  First the Garage sale, love going to other people's sales, not so much having them. It is  lots of work and people want stuff for almost free no matter what. Then I'm taking a chance, how many people go out in this heat? We are gonna have free water and we will be under the oaks and carport, still. I figured it only going to get hotter.
I always forget to take pictures of the before.
  The stuff was occupying my husband workshop, maybe now he will crank it and fix some of my projects.

 My best friend in life, my dear power tools. My sprayer, the most amazing little machine in the world. The paint dries almost immediately because of the volume of the spray. Also the gallon of paint goes a long way. All this stuff took only 2 quarts of paint. There is no runs or smears and I get so many compliments on the finish. I did an entire bedroom set in two hours and set up the room in about 2 more.

                         This plate shelves are made with a bed headboard. I can see a pretty saying stamp, decoupage or free hand  in between the spaces.
 I may do some pieces tomorrow. The stuff have been in storage for too long, time to let somebody else love it. About my gardening, I'm just trying to start a shade garden. I'm watering at least twice a day. You come back to check the plants and they are totally dried really quickly. God have mercy on us Texans!. I don't remember ever been so hot so soon. I hope my plants survive. On to visit With Ms Kathleen @Faded Charm. Blessings, Marta.