Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok, I got another addiction

This are some of the pictures I meant to post this morning in my first White Wednesday post.

Are they cute or what? I started collecting this kind of dolls but decided to sell them about 2 months ago. I got only 2 of the ones in the pictures left; have sold about 10.

This beautiful room belongs to Lynn's @ Golightys. Love the food @ their tea room and the shop is just awesome. Fort Worth got some of the most amazing shops.
OOOOPPPPSSSSS. I did again. How do I get rid of the pictures I don't want after they been already save and posted in the blog? I told you, computer challenge. Another ?. How do I get to upload more than 5 pictures at a time? I'm uploading from a file in my computer but t is only allowing me to upload 5 at a time. Jessica, Sue, somebody.
I thought that the worst of my behavior towards blogging have already been documented. Yes, I come home late and then I sit in my computer for hours. I got a TV tray right beside the desk, my drink and dinner plate and the remote, see, I'm a multitasker too. I will check the blogs in the morning during my Today Show and coffee time. Sometimes I'm late for work (like this morning) and is all your fault. You have make blogging "my new drug" and I have to have my fix at least twice a day. So... I'm blogging again today, twice.
I spend the day WORKING on merchandising ten rooms in one day. We are talking details. I consider Winter my down time since I can't paint furniture as much. I'm HYPER, I drive people around me crazy. This is the first time in my life that been hyperactive have been very handy. Oh, for the last 4 days I have been having a creative spell. I'm rusty, very. See, I started as a crafter, creating pretty things, dabbing into all mediums. I got a Hobby Lobby if I include the stuff at home and the shop. I got tools, sewing machines, fabrics, turnings, trims, etc. It took me 4 hours to create 2 wreaths for Valentines day. Try working all day, come home, read blogs and post, and then craft until 2:00 AM. LOVE IT. I told, you insane. You may wonder where do my husband fit in the picture. Well, my teddy bear is a self-preserve, non traditional, not needy or clingy kind of guy. I call him my perfect match. We support each other a 100%. I get a lot of looks whenever I mention the fact that I only cook 3 or 4 times a year. No bragging here, my husband acknowledge the fact that I work my butty off and that is his way of helping. Do not asked me about the mess he leaves behind. It is all well worth it. So tomorrow weather permits I will be finishing the decorating @ the shop and I will have tons of pictures for you. I'm worried about something, I'm afraid I will be having tremendously long posts, I'm a talker, blah, blah, blah. So I'm gonna have to try to keep myself in check, No reason to bore you to death, ah?
See you tomorrow darlings, blessings, Marta.

First White Wednesday@ Marta's Room

Yuppie!!!! I'm soooo happy. Why? It's my first time participating in White Wednesday. Kathleen I'm so honor. I will be late for work today, no change of getting fire unless I can fire myself. It was a good morning gift to see my name among the participants of WW. Next Wednesday should be better because my Valentines will be up and I am doing lots of creams and whites. The above photo is some of the beading on purses. I love beaded purses, I got a collection of about 30 and I bring repeats to the shop. it's getting harder to find different ones.

I love putting vignettes together, specially under domes. I like them to be whimsical, no logic to them, just eye candy.

This pillow was @ Lonestar Mall in Fort Worth. The name of the artist is Ms Bountiful. You can see a collection of them for sale @Dream in cream blog. Vintage Sue made an altered pillow and I was the happy recipient. I will take a picture and show to you in my next WW. Dreamy is the word.

This was one of my Spring rooms last year. Can't wait for Spring since I love anything gardeny and my bunnies. Spring flowers and roses...beautiful. The only thing is that we do not get the beautiful garden with spring bulbs. They last a couple of days the most. Nothing like the gardens up north. We Texans get 2 weeks of Spring and what feels like the endless Summer: the over a 100 degree Summer. We are experiencing the coldest Winter since I move to Texas, 18 years. To us 40 degrees is freezing. We can't stop wining about it. I recommend turning on the TV and looking @ Minnesota's temperatures. We are not freezing, we just need to look pretty all layer up.

OOPS, double take and no time to fix it. I want to leave the post publish so...apologies. Blessings, Marta.