Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh, Oh

I indulge today and did some after Christmas shopping. It is so hard to buy and have to stored this stuff for another year. Then is equally hard not to shop for some of the stuff we wanted but we could not afford to pay full price.

 Exhibit #1 Silver tree. Before Christmas 39.99. Today 19.99. I intent to used this one all year for my jewelry. Thank God that glitter and sparkly is not only used for Christmas anymore.

 I found this little ice skates at the GW. It is very difficult to find little ones. I just added some glitter, will add some rhinestone shoe clips and voille. I keep the winter stuff until the end of the season.
 Can you blame on this one. A whole village for....2.50. TJ MAX baby.

 This 2 little trees I coveted. Regular price 39.99ea.  Today price 2x 39.99. I'm going to keep them for the remaining of the winter on my fireplace mantle.

 I know, I know. No more ornaments. This I could not pass up. They look like pearl beads on a necklace, .75 for the box.
 I found a stash of ostrich eggs. I love the look and I already have plans for them in the shop.
 Sparkly basket. I'm thinking Easter full of glittered eggs.

 My precious bears. I must keep them away from a monster called Juju. This is what he does to his toys.
 Juju's roadkill toys. He is terrible this days. I was told this may last until he turns one. NOOOOOO......

        I sold a couple of big pieces and all the stuff is sitting on the floor. No hopes of painting anything since is a little drizzly and cold. I have no idea how to merchandise without big pieces of furniture. I think that if I attempt to paint I might just make the biggest mess. I might have to get on my truck and go shopping, buy just anything to fill in that spot. I took all the Santas down but I'm going to keep the snowmen, skates, sleds and snow items long after New Year. Winter time is always hard for me since I can't paint as much and I don't keep replacements. It was upper 70's last week and I didn't take advantage of it. Oh well, we will live.
        My husband came home and told me the company he works for have run out of money. One more thing to pray for, that is how I roll. We have no control over life, but we can control how we live. So no fear, God is in control.
    I will be hosting New Years eve party, big party, about 30 some people. We are looking forward to be able to do firecrackers. We used to live in the city and we used to sneak out and do it anyway, until last year, we got caught and we got  a warning and we were told to put them away, us an every single neighbor that was out there doing it . Shame, shame. This year we are in the country, so weather permit we are going to be firing a lot. I love the Holidays, everything about it...I lied , almost everything. My clothes are really tight from all the food. That I don't dig. I have boxes of everything that I have not even visited since we moved. The master closet is not organized. I still have bags full of everyday clothes. No telling were my winter clothes are and no stamina to dig. So I might be wearing the same outfit every other day, don't pity me, I have clothes, just don't want to look for them. Enough of this ramblings, I think I have reveal more stuff about me in this post and all of it not positive (illegal firecrackers ignition). Soo, I'm going to say goodbye for today and probably until next year. I just realized my Juju just ate part of my tennis shoes, bad dog! Have a blessed New Year celebration, Marta.
PS Dear Donna,  if you read this one give me a call, I can't find my book with all my numbers.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas

The traditional Puertorican feast is been prepared, cards, gifts and many thoughts in my mind. This morning I'm meditating in the real Christmas, the real reason we all celebrate. It is not a cliche', it is my life, it is the reason I still stand no matter how hard life have been at times. I think about baby Jesus, his glory, the joy of His mom and dad and those who bear witness to   to his birth. They didn't know exactly what His mission will be and they only have a glimpse of his glory but they knew this was not just any child. They just knew. Today I just know that what the Word tells me is the truth and that Mary and Joseph baby was born so I received forgiveness and salvation. So you see, I love Jesus, with all my heart, no questions asks. The fact that He was born is the most humble of circumstances speak to my heart of who He is. So Christmas is sooo important to my family, away from the gifts and beautiful decors and all the food. We love you Jesus, we thank you God for the biggest gift you could have given us. Merry Christmas, Marta.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a white Christmas

  NOT!. It was 78 degrees today in Central Texas. Out wearing sandals and capri pants. It really doesn't get better than that. Maybe...

Yes it did. My dear friend Karin brought us the most delicious  german cheese cake and beautiful violets. Thank you Karin, we love you and cherish your friendship. I also open the shop for two dear friends and we have a wonderful visit.
    Now some pictures of the white stuff I'm really digging lately.
 Our sweet Juju. He is almost 5 months old. Last Saturday his mom and dad came to visit. I think I want another little one so little Juju won't be alone. His daddy Pete managed to get another girl pregnant before getting fixed. The new babies should be here in a couple of months. We will see, vet bills can be very high plus I have to convince Mr. Teddy Bear.

                                                  Juju, that is a LOOOONG tongue.
                                               Juju is going to look just like his dad.

                     Look at those eyes. He lets me hold him and cuddle him like you would a baby.
I gave him a bad haircut, no matter that the vet says he looks great, I think I mess him up. I will let the professional tackle him next time.

        Now, the bargain of the century. Small  creamish white tree with working lights: 25 cents. I got plans to keep this one as a year long prop in the shop. I will decorate it seasonally and with vintage stuff.
                          Is mercury glass out? I have not sold one single item this year. Is it?
                             I keep adding bling to this girl and in this case the more the merrier.
                                                Just some white stuff around the store.

 China head dolls. Why, oh why? I sold most of my collection just to want them again. They are an arm and a leg this days. Oh well.

                   My cloche bear. I'n not seeing many cloche displays this days. Are they out too?
I guess I should go shopping some more and get acquaintance with the new trends, hum...maybe I should visit more blogs, those are free and probably more inspiring than any stores around. Go and visit Ms Kathleen @ Faded Charm for a list of the other amazing White Wednesday posts. To all of you I wish you very blessed and Merry Christmas. Love, Marta.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Still playing with Christmas decor in pink

  Just a quick post to show you what I have added to my pink decor. It all started with a 10.00 $ cream tree I found at GW. I decided to take the small table top pink tree I have in the living room and put it in my "princess room". I hope you like this new one. I did some rearranging of the furniture too.

 I found the wicker tea cart at trade days in Salado among a hole bunch of other treasures.
 I found the umbrella stand many years ago and love to use it for my Christmas trees because I don't like tree skirts.
 I added lights to the mantle. I didn't do it from the get go because of laziness but it doesn't look the same without lights.
        This is a little vignette in my hallway. The small ornaments I bought in Germany 21 years ago.

  This little tree was in the living room. I moved it to the pink room which everybody calls the princess room.

         I just love how the Christmas decor turn out this year which is very special to me, it is our first Christmas in the new house. Even the old stuff seems to fit better in this place, probably because it took 12 years of prayers and hope. I only walk 200 feet to work since my shop is in the back of the property. Just a dream come true. Thanks to Ms Beverly @ for hosting this special party for all of us every Saturday. Go and visit the other pink girls and be ready to have tons of fun.

I thought I will share with you a couple of my favorite Christmas songs. It can be my life song, since Christmas is about Jesus. I love you Lord. Have a very Merry and blessed Christmas, Marta.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still playing with Christmas decor

     I thought was done with my Christmas decorating, not so, I found a wonderful CREAM Christmas tree at GW for 10.00. Of course I could not let that one pass up.  I decided to add that to my formal living and because of that I was left with Christmas left over. I decided to go ahead and decorate the kitchen some. I'm not done yet, but so far so good. I will post the pictures of the tree for my Pink Saturday post since I did it in pink. Let's tour the kitchen:
                         This mantle was given to me by a friend that found it in the trash. Somebody have cut in half, Why? I guess they did not want anybody to recycle it. My husband put it back together. You can still see the seam right in the middle, not perfect, who cares? I don't, free and imperfect is wonderful to me. I bought the family banner last Friday in my first shopping outing in over 4 months. I purchased some other stuff from this new vendor whom I'm planning on stalking since I love her stuff.
                    I just did a little more tweaking and added the little BELIEVE plaque and the snowmen head done by me. I think I'm done know.
 Snowmen which I turn into a snowgirl. My friend Krista was going to trash this beauty because it fell and a small piece of the hat broke. I have admired before and she knows how I feel about recycling. So, he-she came home and I added the flowers. She-he got pink painted buttons. I added some extra bling by covering the buttons with broken earrings and voile! Don't you love to be able to re-use?

                                          Small Santa from TJMAXX. I love the felt ornaments.
                                        Some garland over my favorite cabinet in the house.
                             Can you believe this girl? I found her at the GW bins for....2.00                
                       I have admired one like her from one of Theresa Cano's shows. Her was not for sale.

                             She was originally a lamp. I added the tulle skirt, the little sign, crown, wings and
                                busttier  and voile!  I found another one last Friday. She is spooky but soon she will
                               be transformed. Something I need to start doing is taking before and after pictures.
                               Can you believe this girl didn't have a nose and her eyes and mouth were pretty
                               much gone too. I used wood putty for the nose and then sculpted with sand paper
                               very carefully. For the eyes and mouth I used a sharpie.
    Just took this picture to show you my other lamp find. I paid  MUCH MORE for this one but she is worth it, even she is a little spooky. I have to find her the right wig and the right dress. Don't you love those polka dots and stripe bowls. Cheap, very cheap at Ross.
                                   I added a little swag to my purse display and some ornaments to my
                                little bear display.

This baby is wearing some cute coat that I rescued at a estate sale for 4.00. Just perfect winter attire.

                       The little coasters were a gift from my mama. She added cinnamon and spices inside so when you rest a hot cup on it it just smell wonderful. She also sew a plastic bag storage thingy and pot holders.
                                                  Some of the decorations in the family room.

                                    The glass cone was a gift from my friend Colleen. I just got and idea as I was
                                     typing, I will show you later. That is all for now. I hope I can link to WW. I'm
                                     always too late for that one. Be blessed and check back for PS or maybe earlier.