Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah, forty six, baby. I'm old, I feel old, specially when I look at this baby. I was 13 when he was born. No, he is not mine, just baby brother. He was an ugly baby, stay too long inside my mom and came out skin peeling like a snake. I will have to rock him to sleep for hours, there were no disposable diapers so I did a lot of cloth diaper washing. He owes me big. Later he became a mean boy, spoiled, we got a mentally retarded neighbor that have the mouth of a sailor. Guess what, he pick on it. He was a 3 year boy that will cuss you out, no shame whatsoever. As soon I got a chance I left home. I was in my 3 year of college and decided to join the Army. I left and never look back. He grow up an became a handsome guy. Got married and fathered 3 kids. I will for ever wished to have my family close, to get to see my nephews grow, to spend time with my baby brother. Well, 4 years ago my entire family make the move to the land of honey and milk, where wishes can come true if you do your part, the land of opportunity. He still owes me for the dirty diapers, he can't remember, I do. So today is my Happy Birthday, indeed. Everybody was here, the mama, sis in law, older brother and my 3 babies(nephews) plus my teddy bear. They all beg me not to put their pictures in the blog so I didn't. They are all camera shy. Baby Brother

Birthday Girl

Gift from sis in law Rosa and little bro. Love anything with The Word in it.

Can you believe this apron? Mama sew it for me. I want to wear it with leggings, a turtle neck and a big sparkly brooch for work. Mama can sew, she sew my wedding dress and it was beautiful.

The girl wanted socks, the girl got socks. Fourteen pairs of them!
Fat free cake, yeah right!. True to God I didn't want a cake. I received so many tins full of Christmas cookies which I consumed all that all my fat clothes from last year don't fit anymore. Too small, yikes! So you know the drill, lay in bed, suck it up, zip up, oh, the pain of tight pants.

Earlier on the day my husband took me and my older brother, which birthday is in two days to the movies. We watch The Lovely Bones. Good movie, sad movie, I should have seen Avatar for a second time. I got friends that have gone 3 times already. We have been going to the movies a lot lately. My husband wanted to see Legion, I don't think so. I don't even want to rent it when it comes out. I'm a girlie, chick flick kind of movie person. During this time I usually try to go an see the movies that generate a lot of buzz for the Oscar season.
I'm easy, for Christmas I told everybody not to get me stuff. For my birthday they keep asking me for a hint on what to get me. Well, they push so much I finally came out with some ideas. I do not want to brake anybody's bank, so, socks, aprons, scarfs and ultra penetrating body lotion will do. Got it all.

The big gift is coming soon, a new computer for moi. No more pain, no more frustration. All my challenges have been related somehow to the age of my computer. I think 11 years for a computer place it in the BC era. I can't wait. We are undecided, Mac or Windows, What do you think? You are the savvy ones, come on, HELP! Friends, I must end this post I'm missing the Grammys. Talk Later. Blessings, Marta.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink girls

Let me introduce you friends to another one of my weaknesses. I love girl pictures, any kind but specially Victorian images. I'm constantly looking for Gibson girls but they are the hardest thing to find. One thing I have no problem finding is girl figurines.
This one was found by my brother @ Collectors Market in Georgetown TX. She is holding a gift in her hands and I like her even better because my brother said to me "Look, she looks like your girls" which I thought is sweet, he really pays attention. She is a Reubens.

This one is a powder box. Her face is the sweetest and I love the hat full of roses.

More power boxes. I like the girls better than the ladies which tend to have a severe look to them.
Are they cute or what?. These cuties cost me a good penny but at that point I have never seen the figural atomizers plus they are in mint condition.

More girls. The planter in the back is another Reubens ( the same company that used to make the very collectible lady head vases). I don't love her but she was cheap enough to pass up. The one in the front is occupied Japan and she is a sweet girl.

Another Reubens planter

She got no markings so I don't know who she is, I don't care for branding or perfection, if I liked it I buy. I mentioned names a lot just as extra info since most of my knowledge I have acquired from Ebay, bloggers or the net. It comes handy when you resale.

The pink ballerina with turquoise got the cutest face and the girl with the rose hat is a half doll from Germany.
Now, this is my favorite planter. She is in mint condition and I got her for a song.

Another view of the belle of the ball.

This is all for today pinkie friends. Thanks again to the Pink Saturday belle of the ball Ms. Beverly. You can visit with her @ for a list of more places to visit. Blessings, Marta.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh loneliness

Ok, I must be sucking at this. Nobody is talking to me, so I'm sad. Aside from that if it wasn't for the creative bloggers out there ( Ms. Beverly @PS and Ms. Kathleen @ WW) I might not have too much to talk about. My pictures are terrible, I don't know much about adding gadgets to my blog so my look is too simple, nothing spectacular (unlike The Feathered Nest) I want to be like Theresa From Vintage Garden Antiques when I grow up. I want a cult with FOLLOWERS. That is a joke around my house. I celebrate every follower I get out loud, so the other day my brother overheard the word followers and ask me if I was starting a cult. Then again be careful what you wished for. I came home to 39 comments some weeks ago and figure out there was not a humanly possible way to visit and leave comments to every one and that makes me feel sad. I read all my comments and will love to have the time to reply, but I simply don't have the time. Most of my post are finished around midnight and my husband is not understanding what is the deal with blogging. Anyway all this blah, blah is about me trying to figure out the blogging thing. It supposed to be fun, so we will see. To the friends that have stopped by THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Blessings, Marta.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let them eat lace

Humm...lace, check, size 2 dress, dream on. This is the bottom of a Victorian lace dress. It was so old that the silk liner disintegrated when we handle it. The lace remain intact.
Do you have wish lists, and if you do what is in it? Number one on my short wish list is one of these dress forms. This one was priced at a bargain price specially for me of 270.00$. Can't, will not, refuse to... it will happen, always does, I just have to wait. I can see a lacy beautiful dress on it, in my master bedroom, by my side. Isn't she pretty? If you have the money she resides @ The Cedar Chest Antiques in McGregor TX of Hwy 84 in Waco. Have you ever visited with Magnolia Pearl? If you haven't I tell you you ought to. The tittle in my post is a quote in her blog Not only is this woman incredibly talented in her creations and her love for beautiful textiles, her biggest asset is a beautiful mind and spirit which she shares with her blogging friends. Go and visit and tell me what you think. Well, back to WW. The reason I mentioned Robin from Magnolia Pearl is because we share this love for lace and fabrics. I have amazed a large collection of beautiful lace and vintage dresses made out of lace. I love it so much that I have the hardest time using my lace to make anything, I know, it is sad.

Can you believe this dress? I'm going to tell you a secret, please don't tell anyone. I have found my best pieces @ the Goodwill during the Halloween season in the costume racks!.

Hat made of lace, LOVE.

This is the top work on a wedding dress from the 50's. It's a size 0 so all the ladies get to admire and talk about the time when they would have fit in it. It's a bolero jacket over a sweetheart dress. I found the lace shoes that went with it, size 3 adult (?) Have you ladies that collect vintage clothing noticed how small the ladies used to be?

Just curtains, pretty ones. I wish I have the money and the good eye when we lived in Germany. They have the most beautiful laces, just hanging in their windows. The lace was sold by the pound and it was cheap. If I can only go back. Same dress, out of Goodwill racks, purchased for a song.
Lace collar from Belgium.

Last is this full size bed topper. It is in immaculate shape and got it priced high so I can enjoy it longer. The work on it is beautiful and handmade. How they did such big and intricate pieces, beats me. I'm part of this generation, microwave, fast, mass production that is why if you collect it, take care of it, there is no more.
Thank you Ms Kathleen @ for the chance of participating in WW. Check the other WW friends. If they are like me they will love your visit and your sweet comments. Blessings, Marta.

Friday, January 22, 2010

More pink for my pinky friends

Isn't she pretty? I'm a bear collector, I have stop collecting as many, these days it must be a super special bear. I found her @ the flea market among some not so nice stuff. When the guy said $3.00 I almost fainted. I now this brand and she is a major score. She was made by Bunnies By the Bay and retails for 189.00$(SCOOREEE) The fabric in her dress is beautiful, the collar is embroidered and her hat is full of millinery flowers. LOVE HER!. The funny thing is the same guy was selling the ugly stuff animals for much more. Do you ever wonder what is the criteria people use when they price their stuff. I bought a half doll with the whisk bottom @ the same flea for $2.00. The rest of the stuff in the table was really trash, but he wanted big bucks for it. Lucky for me.

You guess it. I collect hats too. The ones with pretty roses are almost impossible to find and when you do be ready to pay big bucks. This beauty was in a suitcase and was sold to me for $3.00. The lady thought there was no saving this one. I took it to a hat steamer and voile!

I love this one, is not an older one, just new and pretty. I met this lady one day @ the shop and she was wearing an identical one. We talked and visit forever, the next day she show at the shop with an identical hat for me. BLESSED, indeed.

Miss sweety bear standing by a lamp I bought about 10 years ago @ what was at the time my favorite antique shop Shabbytiques. They have gone out of business since then but one of her best dealers open her own shop, just as amazing if not more BLOOM AND BEE SWANKY.

Next is my quilt chair. It was a pain in the behindny to upholster. It resides in my princess room but it used to reside in my living room during my pink, yellow and red phase.

Another thing I love to have lots around me is pillows. I buy pillows, I sew pillows, I dream pillows. To me there is nothing like a bed full of them. The more the merrier.

Needlepoint and roses, yumm! Silk, yumm.

Can you believe this one? I bought it @ Tuesday Morning for $25.00. A bargain if you ask me. It is made of organza.

This little boudoir one was a gift from my best friend Debra. Every year she will give me something I love for Christmas, she knows me well.

This is my favorite pillow of them all. I bought it @ Ross a million years ago, when the quality of the stuff was better. Remember when they sold Waverly and Ralph Lauren stuff? No more of that, sadly to said.
Well pinky friends, this is all for today. It was the happiest time last Saturday, to come home and find all your comments. I appreciate each and everyone. Thanks the the Queen of Pink Saturday, Ms. Beverly. Visit with her @
Blessings, Marta.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Shops

We have some cool shops here in Belton, TX. Today I want to introduce you to Hosanna House and As Time Goes By.Humm, hats, one of my guilty pleasures. I pay a lot and mark them really high so I can keep them. These yummy ones are @ As time goes by. Both Hosanna House and ATGB are across HEB on 6TH street in Belton.
These beauty is the most beautiful framed portrait plate. I believe the owner have not price it yet, still researching.

Just cute stuff @ Hosanna House. The owners Mark and Laurie open the shop as a used book christian library since there was a need for a place where you can buy affordable religious books. They branch out into antiques since they are both collectors and were fast running out of space. Sound really familiar.

They have really pretty items and a good variety of them since they accept consignments. My friend Cindy from Chipped to perfection sells her wares there.

Some people should not be taking pictures. What is with me and blurry pictures? Arg.
This is a bedroom at As Time Goes By. The owner Jane Bugg have been in the antiques business for 12 years. She host estate sales too. You should see this lady's home. The shop is her home too and she keeps her doors to every room open so you get to drool over her collections which are many and all just amazing. Her collection of toleware trays is the best I have ever seen. What is supposed to be her living room, dining and kitchen areas is where she have the wares for sale. The house is a Victorian house from the turn of the century. I will love to have a home where I can run my business out of( hum.. maybe not).

She have an enclosed patio full of vintage gardening stuff, drooling...

Cutest kitchen ever. She have a large collection of wall pockets, vintage feed sack tablecloths, tins, pottery, red and green handled utensils and the biggest collection of spice racks.

Yummy, my pictures are the biggest injustice. Forgive guys, I love you and your shops.

More kitchen pictures.
Come and visit with us sometime. Salutations from Belton, TX.
If you need directions you can call me @(254)681-7752

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello White Wednesday friends!

White Painted Furniture
I love painted furniture, any shade of white or cream. I love to distressed my pieces but at the shop I have noticed that its wiser to paint the pieces evenly. If the costumers decided they want the look I can distressed it in a matter of seconds while they shop.This one is in the shop ready for a new home. I think it may be finding one soon since a lady keeps coming back to visit with it.
This I was told is called a gentlemen chest. It's kind of bulky and too square for my taste but a lot of people have look at it. He needs to go to a new home. By the way if you are in this area and you see something you like just let me know.

This one I found last Sunday @ the flea market. Love the shape and I want to keep it but better not.
I painted this dresser and I fell in love with the size and the shape so I kept it and used it in the living room as a sideboard.

Another technique I love is to glaze. I use nutmeg brown acrylic paint as the contrast color. I hardly ever glaze pieces at the shop since is a little more labor intensive and I do not get the money I need for doing so. Every once in a while I get paid to do it as a costume finish. This little piece lives in my TV room, it doesn't really fit there but I can not bear to sell it.

This is my TVcabinet in my TV room. The other day my brother mentioned he could not understand the fact that we don't own a big plasma? Whatever, I don't like electronic gadgets all over the place. My big hump TV fits just perfectly in my cabinet and I do not feel pressure to own the latest gadget . I admit the picture is much clear but we are OK with what we have.

This cabinet I love. It is huge and is a reproduction. I love the convex glass door in the bread compartment and all the storage. I got so much of my china and pottery store there. I think I mentioned before that I got some contract guys working @ the house and they were so sorry because all my furniture was so nice but so damaged (ha,ha... they thought the distressed on all the pieces was actual damaged)

This piece was residing in my living room but it make its way to the kitchen since I found a brown piece to go there. I love furniture so much that at one point in time I got 5 secretaries in the house. I'm down to just one, but have added about 6 new pieces of furniture since then. Here is where having a store have come so handy.
Well, this is all for my third White Wednesday. Thanks again to our gracious hostess Ms Kathleen. Happy a blessed day, Marta.