Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah, forty six, baby. I'm old, I feel old, specially when I look at this baby. I was 13 when he was born. No, he is not mine, just baby brother. He was an ugly baby, stay too long inside my mom and came out skin peeling like a snake. I will have to rock him to sleep for hours, there were no disposable diapers so I did a lot of cloth diaper washing. He owes me big. Later he became a mean boy, spoiled, we got a mentally retarded neighbor that have the mouth of a sailor. Guess what, he pick on it. He was a 3 year boy that will cuss you out, no shame whatsoever. As soon I got a chance I left home. I was in my 3 year of college and decided to join the Army. I left and never look back. He grow up an became a handsome guy. Got married and fathered 3 kids. I will for ever wished to have my family close, to get to see my nephews grow, to spend time with my baby brother. Well, 4 years ago my entire family make the move to the land of honey and milk, where wishes can come true if you do your part, the land of opportunity. He still owes me for the dirty diapers, he can't remember, I do. So today is my Happy Birthday, indeed. Everybody was here, the mama, sis in law, older brother and my 3 babies(nephews) plus my teddy bear. They all beg me not to put their pictures in the blog so I didn't. They are all camera shy. Baby Brother

Birthday Girl

Gift from sis in law Rosa and little bro. Love anything with The Word in it.

Can you believe this apron? Mama sew it for me. I want to wear it with leggings, a turtle neck and a big sparkly brooch for work. Mama can sew, she sew my wedding dress and it was beautiful.

The girl wanted socks, the girl got socks. Fourteen pairs of them!
Fat free cake, yeah right!. True to God I didn't want a cake. I received so many tins full of Christmas cookies which I consumed all that all my fat clothes from last year don't fit anymore. Too small, yikes! So you know the drill, lay in bed, suck it up, zip up, oh, the pain of tight pants.

Earlier on the day my husband took me and my older brother, which birthday is in two days to the movies. We watch The Lovely Bones. Good movie, sad movie, I should have seen Avatar for a second time. I got friends that have gone 3 times already. We have been going to the movies a lot lately. My husband wanted to see Legion, I don't think so. I don't even want to rent it when it comes out. I'm a girlie, chick flick kind of movie person. During this time I usually try to go an see the movies that generate a lot of buzz for the Oscar season.
I'm easy, for Christmas I told everybody not to get me stuff. For my birthday they keep asking me for a hint on what to get me. Well, they push so much I finally came out with some ideas. I do not want to brake anybody's bank, so, socks, aprons, scarfs and ultra penetrating body lotion will do. Got it all.

The big gift is coming soon, a new computer for moi. No more pain, no more frustration. All my challenges have been related somehow to the age of my computer. I think 11 years for a computer place it in the BC era. I can't wait. We are undecided, Mac or Windows, What do you think? You are the savvy ones, come on, HELP! Friends, I must end this post I'm missing the Grammys. Talk Later. Blessings, Marta.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Marta!!! I hope you had a wonderful day, it certainly sounds like you did, with all your family there and that delicious looking cake!

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Marta!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! I feel your pain about the having to loose weight. I too have this problem. The tight jeans are NO FUN! I still have our sweet Noel up & have added red hearts to the display for Valentines Day. I need to prepare for spring for her. Do you remember what size clothes you put on her when you would dress her? Have a great week. Charlene

Terry Lee said...

oh marta!! happy, happy belated birthday, girl! looks and sounds like it was a wonderful day for you.

you are MY kinda gal! love those socks! can't have too many pink ones for sure!! and that apron ... how sweet!! especially since your mama made it for you. you'll always treasure it.

have a great week! and don't worry about those tight pants! leggings will look darling under that adorable apron!

terry lee

ps. i am certainly no computer geek/guru, but i constantly have problems with my pc. my hubby swears by his mac. good luck!

Vickie said...

Hi Marta - Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great one - that cake looks so yummy. I'm having the same problem - my clothes are getting too tight! Eek! I sure love all your little girl figurines. They are so sweet. I run across a few of them from time to time. My husband tells me I've got enough junk already, but sometimes I just HAVE to buy something like that! Have a great week!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Okay, I have been checking all of your posts! Is your birthday Jan. 31st???? Guess what?? So is mine!!! What a coincidence!!! Where is your shop????? Love it!!