Monday, July 18, 2011


I just can't believe it had been so long since the last time I posted. Life has been keeping me a busy body. I have been doing a lot of painting under a 100 plus weather, sometimes I called it a day around 9:00 PM, just trying to keep myself away from having a heat stroke. I'm also doing a lot of tweaking @ the shop Downtown. After much criticism from some friends and my husband my decision of getting more space at the mall is paying off. Not only I'm selling well but it is also getting me a lot of new costumers. Some of my local followers have been telling that I need to post more often, I will try. Let me show you some new vignettes around the store.

My two new favorite acquisitions; the fainting couch with the awesome pillows made by Paula and my blue room. I'm loving the new shade of teal I recently got. I want to incorporate some of the color into my decor at home, I'm just not that courageous right now. I also started to buy red stuff for the kitchen and then one of my favorite costumers (Ms. Angela) came and bought it all. So for now, no teal, no red in the house.

                                                                      Love, love, love
                                                         You guys, come and buy me off!

I did not take a picture of my husband new french door for his workshop. He is not a handy man, he just tried and  learned how to do it because it needed to be done and we could not afford to pay a handy man. It took him 3 weeks, I mean 3 weekends to accomplish what needed to get done. He went on the internet and read, got the supplies and went to town with it. I'm so proud, not bad for a first timer. This is something I have been trying to get in his brain for a long time. None of us was born knowing anything, yet we all have experienced, accomplished and learned so much. I think that saying I can't without trying is really a bad habit. I know that he is proud of himself, not more than me.
Sales have started to pick up and I'm so thankful to God, see, I know he is faithful and yet I get so tangled sometimes. It is a good thing though, to be reaffirm once again in your faith. Well, it is late and this mama is tired. I hope I get to hear from some of you. Blessings, Marta.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I like this guy, good looking guy, a Texan guy. I don't get to see him anymore, he used to pasture with his herd across the street from  our house in Killeen. I missed that view. This was right in the city, can you believe it? Now that we live out in the country I don't get to see faces like his. We do get a lot of bird watching. My husband have placed feeders all over the place and we have a water fountain right outside the front window. I might have ten birds feeding and bathing at the same time...until Mr. Bluejay the bully arrives. Then everybody runs, I mean , fly for their lives. I have many cardinals, finches and there is a roadrunner that comes and bathes there too. He risides somewhere in the back with another 4 roadrunners.  In the back we have hummingbird feeders which we filled with nectar, not that we needed since the back lot have a lot of trumpet vine all over the place. They can put quite a show for us.
When I decided to named this post decisions is because I already made a big one in regards to blogging. For a while I have been contemplating stop blogging all together. Time is so limited sometimes and the main reason, the real reason was that I was not feeling as fulfilled doing it.  Then I started to meditate in the reasons why I blog. Not the reasons why other people blog, they are all valid prerogatives, but why do I...
   It struck me that even though I enjoy looking at beautiful things, it can get old, when that is all it is, so it became an empty show and tell for me. I realized none of you know me or that I have ever share who I really am, deep inside, See, pretty things are pretty, but they are only things. Blogging started to loose its appeal with me because I have never really shared what is important to me. I have realized that blogging is an escape for many and as such people want to keep their blogs an always happy, beautiful to look, social media UTOPIA...and that my friends is your decision and your prerogative. My decision in regards of my blogging stands as follow: I will talk about what is important to me, even if is taboo, not so politically correct, stepping in your toes kind of deal. I'm not planning in becoming a cyberbully, never! but I intent to put it all out there.
     Just so you now know, I'm very opinionated, almost fanatical about what I believe. In my world is called conviction and I believed it to be a good thing. I'm also VERY PASSIONATE, about whatever I'm doing. It is a very type A personality and I know it have cost me friendships. I believe you either love me or hate me. So.... from now on I'm going to talked about everything. Reality shows, my FAITH and MY SAVIOR, the government, of course junk, my friends and family,my business, my passions, my trials and tribulations and maybe somedays a lot about nothing because that is life too. I also plan in sharing people, places and things that make this world a better place. There is so many forms of beauty  and I'm planning in exploring it all. So... I hope you all come with me in the journey, it is my blog and I need it to become something else for me. Blessings to you all,  whoever you are, Marta.