Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello White Wednesday friends!

White Painted Furniture
I love painted furniture, any shade of white or cream. I love to distressed my pieces but at the shop I have noticed that its wiser to paint the pieces evenly. If the costumers decided they want the look I can distressed it in a matter of seconds while they shop.This one is in the shop ready for a new home. I think it may be finding one soon since a lady keeps coming back to visit with it.
This I was told is called a gentlemen chest. It's kind of bulky and too square for my taste but a lot of people have look at it. He needs to go to a new home. By the way if you are in this area and you see something you like just let me know.

This one I found last Sunday @ the flea market. Love the shape and I want to keep it but better not.
I painted this dresser and I fell in love with the size and the shape so I kept it and used it in the living room as a sideboard.

Another technique I love is to glaze. I use nutmeg brown acrylic paint as the contrast color. I hardly ever glaze pieces at the shop since is a little more labor intensive and I do not get the money I need for doing so. Every once in a while I get paid to do it as a costume finish. This little piece lives in my TV room, it doesn't really fit there but I can not bear to sell it.

This is my TVcabinet in my TV room. The other day my brother mentioned he could not understand the fact that we don't own a big plasma? Whatever, I don't like electronic gadgets all over the place. My big hump TV fits just perfectly in my cabinet and I do not feel pressure to own the latest gadget . I admit the picture is much clear but we are OK with what we have.

This cabinet I love. It is huge and is a reproduction. I love the convex glass door in the bread compartment and all the storage. I got so much of my china and pottery store there. I think I mentioned before that I got some contract guys working @ the house and they were so sorry because all my furniture was so nice but so damaged (ha,ha... they thought the distressed on all the pieces was actual damaged)

This piece was residing in my living room but it make its way to the kitchen since I found a brown piece to go there. I love furniture so much that at one point in time I got 5 secretaries in the house. I'm down to just one, but have added about 6 new pieces of furniture since then. Here is where having a store have come so handy.
Well, this is all for my third White Wednesday. Thanks again to our gracious hostess Ms Kathleen. Happy a blessed day, Marta.


Linda said...

I love all your furniture. If I lived in your area I would be visiting and bringing some home with me!

Junk Exchange said...

marta - i LOOOOOVE that cabinet with the curved glass bread box doors - this would be perfect in my dream closet - those areas could hold my cashmere sweaters or quilts - love it..


Leann said...

Hi Marta

What wonderful white treasures you have. I love the one that is making it's way to the kitchen. I'm still visiting for Pink Saturday and am glad that I stopped by. I just became a follower so that we can be fast friends.

Please stop by anytime!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I have almost that exact same piece in your first photo and it already had the right amount of chippy white paint on it. Right now it lives in my work studio but it would fit in any room of my home...even the bath if I had room. Love all your pieces. Wish I could visit your shop. xo Lynn Happy White Wednesday.

Julie said...

Oh my,
I love it all. Would love to visit your house and your shop!!! But it would be SOOO dangerous for me. Love the large cabinet in the kitchen. all wonderful whites. Thanks so much for the photos! Better than a magazine.
I'll be visiting for more!

Faded Charm said...

You've got some awesome "white" furniture pieces. Love them all!

Take care,


craftymarta said...

Friends, thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.Blessings, Marta.

Jamie said...

Hello Marta! I visited your shop today and had such a nice time! You have it decorated so beautifully!
I recognize the pictures! I was eyeing that gentleman's chest and the white dresser just below it today.
Will be back in soon!

Sares said...

Your large cabinet is drop dead gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it. I am loving all things painted white right now too and am in the process of painting a hutch in the dining room, it is really brightening up the space, before it just seemed to be a big brown hole! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful white pieces!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Marta! Just loving all your white cabinets,specially the very large one: KILLER!!
As far as the customers that keep coming back and take too long to think about it: we used to have a sign in our store, right before the exit that said: I should have bought it when I saw it. We can't tell you how many people read it, left the store and came back 10 minutes later to purchase. Pure Psychology!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Marta!!! What gorgeous furniture pieces!!! You do an amazing job painting goodness that giant cupboard in your kitchen IS TO DIE FOR!!! I can tell I would love to go junkin' with you.....have a great Thursday, hugs and love, Dawn