Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My second White Wednesday

Yuppiee. Second White Wednesday baby.

It's White Wednesday again! Where is time going? I'm still messing up with the computer, it keeps sending me error messages, enough off them to freak out my husband. It freaks me out too, I do not want to loose all my pictures or most importantly my business documentation. My teddy bear went ahead today and transfer most of the stuff to an external memory. To stay in the positive all this trouble is worth it, I love blogging but I feel like I'm going to have to become a brain surgeon in order to become proficient at this. Arrg...
You have seen her before. She have the pretties face and I made her dress out of a beautiful German lace curtain. I like the way it turn out.

I can't say I like the picture, It turn out so yellow. I love the 1950's wedding dress and my fav dolly sitting on the chair.
. This is my favorite picture in this post. This is Neithan and he is sooo cute. He loves to be photograph, can you tell? He got me @hello.
One of the table escapes @ the shop, I already move things around. Today a dealer from Georgetown came in and bought my main three pieces in the first room so before I know it is back to design something else. I was happy for the money, sad because of the fact that I only got to enjoy and display the items for one week. I do not carry two alike of anything, when is gone is gone. I like that fact but it posses such a challenge for me,since things are getting harder and harder to find.

I like this silver tray. I just throw some glass and silver items in it.

I sold most of the dolls that have this same style and I realize why, I sold them too cheap. I have been trying to replace them, there is no way I can pay what they retail for.

Now, even if you are not a doll collector, Can you appreciate the beauty in this dolly. I got her with a Victorian mini wicker chair. Pay too much, but dolls and china are my two weaknesses.
The beautiful pillow I got from Vintage sue and is not for sale.

Last, these is French bed I repainted white. It was that yellow and gold french provincial color. Much improved if you asked me. Just a little vignette in front of it. I'm missing the hole effect since the dresser in front is covering the footboard. I got that bed price so high because I want it so bad, I just don't have the space in the house and I don't want to give up the bed I have @ home. Greedy, I know. Well , this is all for today. Thanks again to Kathleen for the opportunity. Blessings, Marta.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh my...I love all your beautiful whites and vignettes and I guess others do too because they bought them all:).Happy White Wednesday

Rachel Knoblich said...

So you are the lovely Marta that Sue always posted about. Love your blog and love your shop! Such fun pretties!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Visiting the all the beautiful white blogs and found yours. I just love the roses, they are so beautiful. I will come back and visit. Enjoyed your post. Blessings, Martha

Linda said...

Love your whites and the beautiful way you display them!

Found Around said...

Marta, Glad you had good sales this week. I have been doing good also. I hope this is a great sign of what's coming this year. Your photos are beautiful. As for my husband, he's an artist of anything! He mostly loved the old house and out buildings and yard. I'll try and get to see you soon. Susan

cindy said...

I have 2 big display pieces at Hosanna Houes I will give you a deal on to replace the ones in our front room.
Neithen is ADORABLE, no wonder he got you at hello.

Terry Lee said...

marta, as always, your treasures are soooo lovely and yummy. can't wait to visit your shop again. it's been too long!

terry lee

Vickie said...

Hello, Marta - came here from Margo's place. She's a dear friend of mine from Tyler. I've been reading your blog this morning. It's beautiful and you are so talented in your decorating at your shop! I love all your "whites" and your Valentine tree. Very pretty!

Your "kids" are fine-looking young people and they must think you're pretty special, too. Your niece will have a beautiful quinceanera - she's so pretty. I attended the quinceanera a few years ago of the daughter of a friend of mine, and it was so much fun to learn all the traditions, eat the food, and see all the young people doing the dances. So fun!

Nice to meet you - I'll be back to visit!

vintagesue said...

marta, marta, marta....GET A MAC AND KEEP UP THE BLOGGING GIRL. your shop looks is gorgeous!! i love that bed. i love the pillows on the bed. i love the something good card. i love that you just have an old ornament box w/nothing in it and to think i just threw one of those away.
i love your round tablescape. the wreaths you are making are lovely. and then there is neithan...cutie.
you hang in there and i know how frustrating it gets with the blogging stuff. i'm spoiled. i have a mac....A BIG mac and i love it.
can't wait to see more.

craftymarta said...

Ok girls, you all make my day and I needed that, life goes on, life happens, sometimes we ache, not our body but our soul, so I was grieving for friends gone, for Haiti. Then I got home and read your comments. THANK YOU ALL, it means a lot. Blessings to all of you. Marta.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a gorgeous shop you have! I wish I could come by. You have so many items I love.