Friday, June 11, 2010

I love dolls!

Do you know this girls? They are called storybook dolls. Some are made of bisque and some are made of hard plastic. I have some teenagers, girls and babies. What make me start collecting them was a box I found at a rummage sale. It had rain the night before and the dolls were in a plastic shoe box full of water. Some of the dresses got die stains from the color fabrics and I could not salvage them. I wash and iron every dress and that is how my quest started. This days I have paid up to 35$ for a rare one and I look for cream or pink dresses to match the decor in my princess room.

                                                      This one is my southern belle

           She is so sweet in person. All she needs is her mom to comb her hair and put a pretty bow in it.

 The composition girl with the big blue eyes  and the big head was not cheap but I could not                        leave her.

Look at this beauty.  She is showing too much skin with her sheer underwear. She is hard plastic and her hair is so pretty. I paid 1.00 for her.

Last, I do not like new dolls, unless they "speak to me". This one last doll have my heart. She is a doll with a great message.

See her face, how could you not love her! Wait till you see and you will love her even more.

She could have her choice between the raggedy doll or this one. I'm with her.

The little raggedy ann is missing a leg but she chose her. That is exactly how I feel about  my friends, about everything. My things are not of great value, just to me. I do not always now the story but I like to imagine one. I feel like a caretaker, like I must protect, restore and honor the history. I see beauty in things that most will not, my friends growing up were the ones that other people made fun of. Nobody will take the time to know them, they missed so much beauty. I was never bullied but I was questioned about my choice of friends. There was nothing wrong with them, people just could not get pass the flaws , the clothes, where they live, what they drive, etc. As an adult I have to constantly remind myself of what is important. You start to make a little bit more money, you become somewhat successful, you meet and socialize with different people and if you don't stay grounded you start to loose sight of what is of great value. I aspire to mix with humble people. I want to look at their souls and not at what designer are they wearing. I do not want to compete, I want to share my blessings. Life is too short, live it well. Blessings, Marta.
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Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Marta: I love your collection of dolls. I collect Maria Alexandria dolls. Well, I stopped after about 50. I put them on my Christmas trees some years. I love dolls too. I don't know why I stopped collecting. As I read your post, I just thought of what a wonderful person you must be. I wish we lived closer to each other, I know we would be great friends. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

Shelley said...

Hello dear Marta,your post today blessed me...for one I love your doll collection and the little one with the ragdoll..reminds me of know the love I have for Raggedy Ann....I too always have sought out to be a friend to the friendless...I was always a caretaker of sort and still find myself being the same way today....I love the old and discarded things the most counselor tells me I have a Co-Dependant personality and need to learn to care and nurture myself...I am learning but,it is hard to overcome....I must care for myself to truly care for others and it is Gods will for me to do so...
Sorry didn't mean to go deep a have a very blessed weekend and thanks again for this wonderful post.....blessings to you,Shelley

Annesphamily said...

Hi Marta! You have some amazing dolls! HPS! I am loving it over here and anytime a girl can see some doll eye candy she is smiling! :) Thanks and come by soon! Anne

Our Back Porch said...

Oh Marta...your dollies are just fabulous! I am a fan of the Storybook dolls, as well. Hope you have a most lovely weekend, my friend!

Back Porch Blessings,

Sares said...

What little beauties they are. Sometimes dolls can be a bit scary looking but yours all have such sweet round faces. I was so happy to read your house is going through closing and it's ALL yours! You must be so excited but it sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you! You are more than welcome to my paint color. It's a Benjamin Moore, called jamaican aqua #2048-60. WE had them match the color at Home Depot, but they already had the color in their system. Most stores these days are pretty good at matching colors anyway. I think it would be really beautiful in a sunroom.
I know what you mean about the booth size. We have a 12 by 12 space and could probably double our space no problem, but then there is the little issue of the rent cost!
Have a great weekend Marta!

Anonymous said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! Esther XX

Becky said...

Your doll collection is so precious. Happy Pink Saturday!

Jingle said...

what fabulous collection of pink dolls.
they are cute and fun!