Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just getting ready.

Work, work, work. Lots of it, non stopping for the next 4 weeks. What is going on, you may ask?. Trouble, that is. No, just fun, it will be when we all gather the 23 and 24 of March in my little piece of heaven called Marta's Room. We are having a spring sale, me and about 20 vendors in our property in Belton Tx. My vendors are excited and my costumers can't wait. I'm a mix of excited with little freaking out of my mind, what king of trouble have I gotten into this time kind of feeling but I know that at the end it all will be worth it. Sooo...I'm tired but wanted to share some pictures of some of the stuff. I will add more tomorrow, if I keep this pace I might be done with all the painting within the next two weeks, after that florals and sewing and the last 3 days the gates at the property will be closed so we can do some magic. Remember this are kind of rough drafts. We have to glaze, distress and add hardware  before it is all done.

 My best friend Denise. I love her to pieces. She is a professional, married to my doctor, that don't even think twice about getting down and dirty playing with junk. We go from sprayer, to sanding to moving stuff inside the shop, to loading costumers. That have been the thing for the last 2 days. Tomorrow we'll do it again. Thank you God for surrounding me with friends like her.
 Ok, this table.....arggg. I do not like chemicals, I rather sand or just plain prime and paint over stuff but in this case somebody varnish that sucker with I don't know how many layers of shiny gunk. Foolish me, thought, no big deal, stripper sandpaper, no sweat. Hah!...Took me 3 days to completely sand that top. The wood is beautiful though. I'm planning on using mix matching chairs all around it, no two alike.
 This little one, same story. I don't want to guess how my lungs look like.

 Why the truck?, No time to clean my ride. Somebody needs to come and detail my truck for cheap. I feel like a bag-lady living off her car.
 This piece is almost finish. Denise worked all day distresing it and it turned out beautiful. Tomorrow she is cleaning the glass and finishing the inside.

                                              Have to feed the crew. She is going to kill me.
                                     Have you seen a happier face?. We all crazy, loving what we do,even though is such hard work.
And last, ok....don't laugh. My friends all make fun off me because they said I'll paint everything and anything if they let me. Maybe they right and here is the proof. YES! YES! YES! I PAINTED MY CHAIRS! If Ms Fifi O'Neill and all her fabulousity does it, why not me? Don't ask me, it is not the first time I have done it. I think it is already an improvement. I know you are going to want to know more about this, some other time I'll tell you.

We are not nearly done. We have 900 sf of good junk waiting for us to do some magic. The sleep for the next month. Afterwards, Roundtop, Cleburne and every other fabulous show in Texas.



Isabel said...

Hi Marta:O) Im Isabel spoke earlier today and tried to find your place but no luck im awful with directions:( Anyways hope to make it out this coming week to visit and would Love to be part of the Spring Sale:O) i think that Bf of yours is a great person too, we know each other:O)From here you can connect to my Blog and get an idea of what I do have a great day!!!:O) Isabel

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta,I looked up transfers and found some good tuturials...I think if you got some transfer paper,and uses the Graphics on the could add to those painted chairs..and I might be able to help once I get all my stuff done. See you Tuesday. Craigs list shows the information in both the for sale section,and event section...posted to Temple/Killeen-Waco-Austin-Dallas and I will add San Antonia. Send info to your Texas Blog Friends

Tammy of {Tattered and Timeless} said...

Aww Marta,
Liz told me all about your big vendor sale- I think just to make me jealous that she gets to go and not me. :( I can't wait to see pictures of all the hoopla. I told Liz to take lots of pictures so I can feel like I attended- hope that is ok?
Wish I was closer as you seem to be a long lost twin of mine-
tammy - wayyyyy over in NC

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

you, my sweet friend, are not crazy. you are WONDERFUL and i wish i was playing up there with you. I could take small breaks and go see my boys. it would be wonderful:)
i won't be able to come to your sale and it makes me so sad. but, alas my mother is living with us now and she has dementia so i'm not going to make it.

have fun and try to stay out of trouble!
love you dearly, jan

Miss Gracie's House said...

Girl, you be careful what you can...the rest can wait...and have FUN! I wish I could come see your work:)

for sale said...

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Roxanne said...

MARTA!!! I'm a creative girl, new to the area, and made it to your Spring Sale, Friday! I was SO HAPPY!!! Marta's Room was beautiful! Your eye for beauty, determination and hard work are a winning combination! The Spring Show was awesome! A fabulous start to SOMETHING BIG! i hope you all were pleased. I can only imagine how fast it will grow. In both size and popularity. Hat's off to all of you!
I was so impressed I did a post on my blog,

Congrats and big hug!
Roxanne Spradlin